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Lions Members Honours and Awards

Lions Club International makes several awards available for Lions Clubs to honour individual Club members.  What is unique in this regard about Lionism, is that the Duncan Lions Club chooses the recipient for these awards… in other words.. recipients of these prestigious awards are being chosen by their Club to be honoured by Lions Clubs International!

Another very interesting feature of these awards is that the cost of them is put directly to the benefit of Lions Club International charities!

The Melvin Jones Award Winners of the Duncan Lions are:

Denny Adrian

Ken Sulz

Wayne Hendricks

Don Cole

John Cragg

The Brian Stevenson Award Winners of the Duncan Lions are:

Wycliffe Wellon

Jim Woodward

Ray Hodge

Sylvia Peacock

Livio Michieli

Karl Elwanger

Gus Strand

Will Jones

Lyne Moreau

Don Cole

Jim Harnden

Margaret Wall

Barb Obsniuk

Ken Sulz

Gord Farrell

John Cragg


The Life Members Award Winners of the Duncan Lions are:

Gus Strand

John Cragg

 The “Lion of the Year” Award Winners of the Duncan Lions are:

(to be posted soon)